Timpan Gayo Lues


lepat-2Tradition community in the Central Highlands, Aceh when before Ramadan, and at the time to welcome Idul Fitri and Idul Adha is its own characteristics, in welcoming the arrival of the big days. One of his trademark is in terms of its distinctive food that is “Timpan Gayo”.

Timpan Gayo, is one of a series of special food traditions of the community in welcoming the religious holidays or other big day. The composition of “Timpan Gayo” is glutinous rice flour, sugar, chicken egg yolk, coconut milk, pumpkin, and salt to taste.

How to make, the first should be made the content or often called “usok” sugar and flour that is stirred, eggs and sugar mixed to taste and whipped with a beater until evenly manual. Next, put the coconut milk and all the dough evenly stirred and cooked until thick. Then the dough is sticky rice flour mixed with the pumpkin after it has cooled, added sugar. The material is mixed to be formed, but not hard. Flour dough that has been rounded up around the thumb of an adult’s hand, then placed on a banana leaf that has been applied to edible oils. Then stretch dough about the size of your palm was filled with “usok” which then rolled up and steamed to 10 or 20 menit.dan after that timpan Gayo ready to serve.

If consumed it is not complete is not accompanied by a cup of hot coffee. Moreover, as we all know, the Gayo highlands is the largest coffee producer in Aceh. Taste-taste coffee and timpan almost can not be separated because there is its own pleasure in consuming them.